Simple travel

Release Time:2020-03-24 Article source:Site release

With the rapid development of urbanization, the increase in vehicles as a means of travel has brought a series of problems such as traffic congestion, parking and the environment. In order to solve these problems, the low-carbon transportation method of electric scooters that are popular in the future is a new type of travel tool.

The lightweight and flexible driving mode of the scooter optimizes the interaction between different modes of transportation. It can be easily stored, taken with you, and free to get on and off the subway and buses. It can also be accessed in and out of tight spaces such as elevators.

Electric scooters are driven by pure electric energy and will not produce any degree of exhaust emissions during the journey. It only needs to consume 1 ° to 3 ° of electricity per 100 kilometers, which greatly ensures zero emissions and low carbon during daily travel. It can also be used to help people perform a certain amount of exercise, become the best way to enter and exit the scenic area, and so on. Diverse functions can make our lives more convenient.

The design of the scooter is minimalist, beautiful, easy to operate, safe to drive, novel thinking and minimalistic transportation, which has changed people's lifestyle and improved people's quality of life. Is the preferred means of travel. improved people's quality of life. Is the preferred means of travel.